Gosse de Kort: Solid Cinema

Traditionally, architecture is considered static, as a building usually stands still. But when you walk through a building, your experience of the building changes continuously while the building remains the same.

This vision has been translated into Solid Cinema, a light installation at urban citylab RAUM. The solid work of art exists out of 1,600 unique “pixels” that are only visible in specific directions by means of 3D printed masks and so change the perceived image from any angle and distance.

People who are driving past the artwork by bus experience something different than the people who walk past the artwork. More so, every possible path in space leads to a different sequence and combination of images. Something we are also confronted with in our daily lives. The way we move affects what we perceive and how we see the world. The articulation of this principle evokes people to explore their environment through their movement. And often leads to playful situations of people sharing experiences and perspectives.


© David Galjaard
© David Galjaard
© David Galjaard

Over Gosse de Kort

Gosse de Kort studeerde Architectuur aan de TU Delft en ArtScience aan het Conservatorium in Den Haag. Zijn werk speelt zich af in de tussenruimte van het architecturale en het theatrale. Een architect van ervaringen en dramaturg van ruimtelijkheid. Hij ontwikkelt scenario’s door de expressie mogelijkheden van een ruimte te combineren met het componeren in tijd.

Concept, research & development – Gosse de Kort
Software – Gerard Peetersen (Rhinocentre)
Electronics – Fabian Stouten
CNC routing – Vincent Mesker
3D printing – Oceanz BV
Assembly & Construction – David Galjaard, Jelle Krug,
Joris Michielsen, Nieke Koek, Wouter van Oosterom
Composition – Gosse de Kort
Photography – David Galjaard
With generous support by Stichting Raum and Oceanz BV

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