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Open call: Makers in residence 2019


RAUM is a wellspring in the new city where we create, visualize and question its future through art and design. Our specific focus lies in the prevalent urban issues of the 21st century. Imagine a large public city square of around 9,000 m2, located between the old organic city center of Utrecht and Leidsche Reijn, the largest VINEX new housing estate in The Netherlands. In this area, we explore a new form of cultural public domain. Our goal is to organize exchanges through artistic projects, programs, festivals and activities, to stimulate dialogue between the factions of visitors, companies and residents and future makers in our workspace. These future makers (as well as knowledge facilitators such as scientists, journalists and teachers) operate from the disciplines of art and design. Our programs and projects tackle global urban issues within a local context. 

RAUM is a wellspring in the new city where we create, visualize and question its future through art and design

RAUM has developed through a lot of testing and enterprising: it’s all about embracing the experiment. In 2017 we moved on the empty 9,000 m2 plot of land in the heart of Leidsche Rijn Center. We first supplied the site with its basic facilities, giving us the means to realize Makershuis and Werkplaats. We also sought out new forms of programming, organizing and planning, using art and design as vital tools to do research and shape possible futures. After an open call, the first ten makers took up residence. They predominantly focused on utilizing the site and discovering its immediate surroundings.

This exciting period of getting used to so much newness (the organization, the terrain, the environment) compelled us to redefine our own mission as well. What is RAUM? What do we stand for exactly? Who are we lending a hand? These reflections elicited one strong acknowledgement: it’s tricky to define RAUM as just one thing; so therefore we don’t. But we do see Leidsche Rijn as a shining example of the adage ’Global Is Local’. In the coming decades, cities will continue to grow exponentially, and this development will coincide with functions becoming increasingly composite, both in the physical and virtual sense. In a brand new district like Leidsche Rijn, modern urban tasks and challenges have dovetailed into more specific themes and questions that are conducive to how we meet each other and how we live together. 

So how do we want to live together in the future city? And how much are we able and willing to engineer this ourselves? What kind of new scenarios and methods to promote and stimulate exchange? How can we cleverly design and prosper our data-driven society for the future? How do we give direction and vision to a city that seems to become increasingly fragmented, both in terms of population, composition and environmental planning?

In 2019 we will continue experimenting and exploring the complexities of the layered city. To do this, we apply three themes as our principle guideline: Layered Encounters, Claiming Ownership and Wicked Data. With an extensive program and discourse, we hope to unravel new insights and meaning. To elaborate further on these three themes, read about our artistic statement. And if you’re curious about RAUM’s previous endeavors and activities, please visit our archive.

RAUM is looking for artists and designers who are prepared to tackle the ‘wicked problems’ of today and tomorrow.

RAUM is looking for makers (artists, designers, architects) who coalesce content and imagination into a powerful statements. Statements with the potential to spark widespread discussion, with the conditions and environment of RAUM and Leidsche Rijn –  residents, knowledge, cultural and educational institutions, companies and visitors – in mind. By turning far-reaching ideas into something tangible and original, creators have the ability to resonate and interact deeply with these different groups and factions. You realize that your work gets more value once all these groups can reflect on your interventions and subjects. By participating, sharing experiences, putting it into practical use or giving feedback. We believe this is the only way to really build together and share knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of the future city. Only through this deep interaction – through practice and trial – can we be surprised again by new directives and solutions for urban issues. 

RAUM is looking for makers who embrace that same mentality to collaborate with the above-mentioned groups of users, applying the urban themes described in our artistic vision. Specifically, we’re looking for makers who can realize their vision together with RAUM in the form of temporary room installations and/or group activities.

In 2019, we’ll offer space for a handful of makers/collectives who answered this Open Call, in addition to a curated number of makers in residence. RAUM has its own 9,000 m2 terrain – plus an bordering square of 40,000 m2 – to realize artistic projects and projects at its own leisure. These squares are a public space, and therefore always accessible. Furthermore, we offer both workplaces or short working residencies. Most makers work about 2-6 months on their project at RAUM. If you work on location at least two days a week, you will receive a stipend of € 100 (sole proprietorship) or € 200 (collective) per week. You can use this stipend for up to 12 weeks. During the residency period, you can spend the night in our Makershuis and work in the studio of the Makershuis and / or in the Werkplaats. Tools and machines available for use.

RAUM offers a work budget to create and produce your project. Within this framework, we apply a fee (the profit that you can derive from the project) of a maximum of 20% (excluding VAT) on the total budget of the project. During the project we will assist you in all sorts of areas to optimize your work and to align it with the goals of RAUM: you will be guided artistically by Xandra van der Eijk (member of the curatorial team of RAUM) and guided productionally by Mattijn Boerkamp. In collaboration with Rinke Vreeke,  you will materialize a program based around the project. RAUM also has a large network of residents, organizations, initiatives, companies and educational institutions that are happy to contribute in any way. Last but not least, we handle a great deal of the PR and publicity ourselves: from social media to press promotion, photography and other forms of content creation.

To get a clear picture of who you are, what you create and why, we ask for a brief and concise proposal in which you outline a concept for RAUM. This way we can make a selection that will form the basis of which we will conduct further communication. Your plan must contain the following information (maximum 5 A4 exclusive portfolio):

Please submit everything in up to 2 separate, digital PDF files (proposal + portfolio).

The link below will send you to the submission form on which you enter your details and submit your proposal. Our curators will read the complete proposals submitted after September 16th. Once a definitive selection is made, an audience and introduction will take place. After this meeting, it is decided whether we will explore a collaboration. Makers / collectives of the proposals we are inviting for a meeting, will receive a fee of € 250. Note: if we do not talk to you, you will receive no compensation. Project proposals are judged by three curators: Joop de Boer (Pop-Up City), Xandra van der Eijk (I Wait Here) and Daniëlle Arets (Design Academy).

No (written) correspondence will take place on the result, content and quality of the assessment, with the exception of the selected proposals. The selected creators will be approached to get acquainted and continue to talk to RAUM about their plan. When you are asked for an interview, you agree that you may further develop your plan with guidance, advice and reflection from RAUM. The submitted plans remain the intellectual property of the participant.

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